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ClearOS certification programs
« on: Thursday, 24 March 2011, 12:43:21 »
Hello Guys,

Tadi saya iseng2 Email ke ClearOS nanya about sertifikasi buat ClearOS soalnya saya udah 4 tahun kenal ClearOS and ngerasa betapa worth it nya "barang" ini and sayang kan kalo kita udah bisa mengoperasikan cuma ngga bisa di dukung sama sertifikasi nya langsung dari si vendor (like Cisco or Mikrotik"

Anyway ini jawaban dari CEO ClearOS sendiri


Yes. We are currently building certification programs.

Thank you for your continued interest and desire to help bring ClearOS to the world!

PS. Your english is just fine, understood 100% of your message. Remember you are the one who is speaking multiple languages :). We should be respectful of you.

Best regards,

Michael Proper
CEO ::
Chairman ::
Schedule ::
Skype :: michael.proper
Office :: 801.851.5556
Cell :: 801.361.6453

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