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[LIST] Daftar module di COS 5.2
« on: Saturday, 25 December 2010, 11:16:20 »
Sekedar untuk membantu,,,jika ingin install/remove via yum :

app-amavisd-new.i386 : Mail filtering module
app-archive.i386 : Mail archival system module
app-autofs.i386 : Automatic file system detection module
app-awstats.i386 : Web log file analyzer module
app-backuppc.i386 : Web UI for BackupPC module
app-backuprestore.i386 : Backup and restore module
app-bacula.i386 : LAN backup and restore module
app-bandwidth.i386 : Bandwidth manager module
app-clamlib.i386 : Antivirus engine module
app-console.i386 : Administration console module
app-cups.i386 : Print server module
app-cyrus-imapd.i386 : Mail - IMAP/POP server module
app-dansguardian-av.i386 : Content filtering module
app-dansguardian.i386 : Content filtering module - basic
app-diskusage.i386 : Disk usage module
app-dmcrypt.i386 : File volume encryption utility
app-dnsmasq.i386 : Caching nameserver module
app-fetchmail.i386 : Maildrop module
app-file-antivirus.i386 : Antivirus file scanner module
app-firewall-advanced.i386 : Firewall - advanced module
app-firewall-custom.i386 : Firewall - custom rules
app-firewall-dmz.i386 : Firewall - DMZ and 1-to-1 NAT module
app-firewall-gateway.i386 : Firewall - gateway module
app-firewall.i386 : Firewall module
app-flexshare-api.i386 : Flexshare API
app-flexshare.i386 : Flexshare module
app-gateway-antispam.i386 : Gateway antispam module
app-geoip.i386 : GeoIP support
app-graphical-console.i386 : Graphical console module
app-greylisting.i386 : Mail - Greylist module
app-hardware-report.i386 : Status information module
app-horde.i386 : Web access module
app-httpd.i386 : Web server module
app-ipsec.i386 : IPSec VPN module
app-jnettop.i386 : Network traffic watch module
app-kolab.i386 : User and group architecture module
app-ldap.i386 : LDAP module
app-mail-antivirus.i386 : Antivirus mail scanner module
app-mailer.i386 : Mailer module
app-mail-quarantine.i386 : Mail - Quarantine module
app-mrtg.i386 : System statistics module
app-multiwan.i386 : Multi-WAN module
app-mysql.i386 : MySQL database server module
app-nettools.i386 : Network tools module
app-network.i386 : Network tools and configuration module
app-ntp.i386 : System time module
app-openvpn.i386 : OpenVPN module
app-password-policies.i386 : Password policies module
app-patch.i386 : Patches and fixes
app-php.i386 : PHP module
app-postfix.i386 : Mail - SMTP server module
app-ppp.i386 : PPP module
app-pptpd.i386 : PPTP VPN server module
app-proftpd.i386 : FTP server module
app-protocol-filter.i386 : Protocol filter module
app-raid.i386 : RAID tools module
app-release.i386 : Product release information
app-remote-backup.i386 : Remote backup service module
app-reports.i386 : Log reporting module
app-samba-api.i386 : Windows networks and file sharing API module
app-samba.i386 : Windows - file and network module
app-services.i386 : Services and registration module
app-setup.i386 : Initializes the system environment
app-snort.i386 : Intrusion detection module
app-snortsam.i386 : Intrusion prevention module
app-soap.i386 : SOAP server module
app-software-updates.i386 : Software updates management module
app-spamassassin.i386 : Antispam module
app-squid-acl.i386 : Web proxy access control module
app-squid.i386 : Web proxy server module
app-ssl.i386 : SSL certificates module
app-suva.i386 : Suva encryption and authentication module
app-system-mysql.i386 : Internal MySQL database module
app-syswatch.i386 : Network and system monitor module
app-theme-clearos5x.i386 : Product theme
app-upgrade.i386 : System upgrade module
app-user-import.i386 : User import/export utility
app-users.i386 : User manager module
app-webconfig.i386 : Web-based administration tool - core modules
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